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Dan42's JIN-ROH Lair
T h e    W o l f    B r i g a d e

Here you can find a list of all changes that have been made to the site. I intend to keep this site as up-to-date as possible for as long as possible. So if everything goes according to plan, I will keep adding and updating until this list becomes very long. ^_^

Date What's new
22-jan-2003 Just a quick update to mention a screening of Jin-Roh in France, accompanied with screenings of Metropolis, Perfect Blue and Ghost in the Shell.
2003-jan-18 Bleh... it's been a stunning 5 months since the last update :-( . It's a wonder this site still receives any visitors. But I thought it would be nice to update the site to celebrate its 3-year anniversary! That's right, I started this Jin-Roh website a whole 3 years ago! It seems so far away now... I wish I could have a bunch of new stuff to show for this long absence, but mostly it's just some reorganizing. Gotta face it, Jin-Roh is starting to become old news. ;_;
  • Jin-Roh screened in Australia but I was too slow to post the news when it mattered (sorry Mark ~_~)
  • The number of AMVs on the download page grew to a point where I figured it would be better to put them in separate AMV section. This new section includes a new AMV by Jordan Peters, In the Company of Wolves. Actually, I've been hosting it for some time but I still hadn't added it to the list of AMVs...
  • I've created a new fan stuff section which currently contains 4 fanarts that used to be in the images section and one fan-music that was in the download section. And there's also one brand-new fan music in there. Hopefully, this will encourage people to send me their fanarts and other fan-works. IF YOU HAVE A JIN-ROH FANART, I WILL BE HAPPY TO HOST IT.
  • There's an update to the article concerning the Lost Lyrics of Jin-Roh; someone has been kind enough to send me a transliteration of the "lyrics" of Grace Omega.
  • It's kinda late to announce this "update", but - for those who hadn't noticed - some months ago I replaced the old Pathfinder guestbook by my own guestbook script which fits better with the layout of the site.
  • There's a cool Jin-Roh website that I would've liked to share with you, except it went offline only a few months after being made. Four Singaporean students made this website as a part of their course on Japan postwar film and anime. They focused on Jin-Roh and this resulted in some fascinating in-depth articles and analyses about the movie. Are you reading this, Vincent? Your e-mail address at doesn't work anymore so I WANT TO HEAR BACK FROM YOU! In the meantime, those excellent articles are only available in a way fragmented way through the google cache.
  • 2002-aug-20 Has it already been three weeks since the last update? Well, maintaining the ANN Encyclopedia is keeping me pretty busy lately. And I can only have updates if I get/find new stuff. I've received a very cool picture by Ryan Phillips. He took images of Fuse, with and without his helmet, and enhanced them with Adobe Illustrator. Fuse looks so damn dangerous now! That's the 4th fanart I've received... now all I need is a fanfic, and I can start a fanart/fanfic section! ^_^
    Last time I visited, I missed a few pictures that were taken at Otakon 2002. So there are two new images of a Jin-Roh cosplayer, one in the hall and one during the masquerade.
    Also, fixed the incorrect screening date for the BAAF (August 30th, not July). Now I have to update my Millennium Actress website in preparation for its screening at the BAAF, so forget about Jin-Roh updates for a while! Millennium Actress is my new obssession. That movie is so damn GOOD!
    2002-july-31 Added a screening in France and a photo of a Panzer costume I missed the last time I visited A Fan's View.
    2002-july-29 Added some screenings at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre in New York. Oh, and last update I said I had no idea if Millennium Actress was really screening at the Big Apple Anime Fest. Well it turns out that on Wednesday July 31st, there's an "Exclusive Sneak Preview Surprise Movie" at 7:45pm. Who wants to bet it's Millennium Actress, heh? ^_^
    2002-july-26 Well blow me away... I really didn't expect to see any more screenings of Jin-Roh in the US, but it seems that is listing screenings of Jin-Roh at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre in New York. Hmmm, wait a minute... New York... The Big Apple Anime Fest! It's in a few days! Oops I forgot to announce that one. Well here goes : in addition to the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre, Jin-Roh will be screening at BAAF 2002.

    There's going to be a bunch of very good movies at that festival. It seems the dub of the Cowboy Bebop Movie will be the big event of the festival, but if you go and you can only see one movie, I suggest you make that Millennium Actress, the newest movie - nay, masterpiece! - by Satoshi Kon. Central Park Media announced at AX 2002 that they would be presenting Millennium Actress at BAAF 2002 but the movie doesn't seem to be listed at the BAAF website. Maybe it's just a mistake on their website, or maybe it's been cancelled, or maybe in fact it's really showing at Anime Expo New York (which is taking place at the same time). In any case, I suggest you try to see Millennium Actress at any and all cost. Sell your soul if necessary. It instantly became one of my favorite movies ever and I even started a page dedicated to it, which will hopefully grow to be as big as this Jin-Roh site.
    2002-july-24 Added screenings of Jin-Roh in Paris. Those lucky French also have Avalon, Ghost in the Shell and Metropolis at that same theatre. rhaa....
    2002-july-22 Bleh... two months since the last update. I've gotten lazy. ~_~'
    Well, for today I've got a theatre screening Jin-Roh in Paris, an explanation of why nobody can find the lyrics of Grace Omega, a Windows 2000 startup screen made by Lorenzo Flores (wow! I didn't even know that was possible!), and a bevy of new images :
  • This one was sent in by Souljacker666.
  • 3 images of the Jin-Roh Kubrick figurines. What is a Kubrick? Think of it as an action figure of a super-deformed chibi Panzer. Like Nishio's little cartoons but in real. It looks like a sophisticated version of those little lego toys. Very cute. ^_^ There are Kubricks for tons of anime, but I was a bit surprised to see one for Jin-Roh. [1 | 2 | 3]
  • Also, I have so many images of Panzer costumes that I had to make a new sub-section for them in the images section. In there you'll find images of the Protect Gear used in the movies [1 | 2] including a helmet that was being sold on eBay for an obscene amount of money [3 | 4]. But mostly it's images of cosplayers (of which a good part comes from the excellent site A Fan's View). There are images from :
    • Japan Expo 2001 (France) where Thomas Leroy won first prize (category "individual") for his costume [1 | 2 | 3 | 4]
    • Fanime 2002 (April 26-28) where the "Hi-Impact" group [1 | 2] won first prize (best of show) [3] and hosted a panel on cosplay props and hardware [4 | 5]
    • Animazement 2002 (May 24-26) [1]
    • Anime Expo 2002 (July 4-7) where Hi-Impact made a reappearance in the Masquerade, with a funny little skit involving a patrol putting on music and dancing when their commander isn't looking. ^_^ [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6]
  • 2002-may-25 Oh my God, I've delayed this update for WAAAY too long... Sorry to all those to whom I've said I'd have "an update ready in a few days" ~_~'

    As expected, my website was disabled during the last days of March, due to bandwidth excess. However, what I did NOT expect was that during those few short days my site would go through anipike's link weeding process. Being disabled at the time, the site got removed from anipike. And they're not giving any signs of accepting new links anytime soon. grrrr...

    Oh well... in the meantime I decided to go through with a face-lift of the site. First, I've got myself a REAL webhost and a domain name! Also, for those who have a decent browser (that support CSS and IFrames), the site looks a bit better (at least that's what I think...) and you are now able to choose between a "with frames" and a "no frames" version. To reflect this URL and layout change, I've renamed the site to "Dan42's JIN-ROH lair". I don't care if "lair" sounds cheesy, it's less boring than "webpage".

    Because the old "Japanese Translated" section used three frames for navigation, I couldn't integrate it into the new no-frames layout. Since anyway there were only two translated pages worth mentionning, I've split them into 2 sections. One of them (movie/cast/staff information) has become the NEW Japanese Translated and I've integrated the other (a report about the Japanese premiere of Jin-Roh) into a brand-new section: WORDS! This new section was also created as a consequence of rediscovering, in a corner of my old hard drive, an article about The Firearms of Jin-Roh that Christophe Larribère from France wrote for me some time ago. I'm not sure if I ever got the final version, but I've combined this with other e-mails that he sent me, and I'm VERY pleased with the result. This is by far the most complete and informative article on the site, and I hope you'll like it! In addition, the Words section contains a very informative piece about How Jin-Roh came to be made sent in by Eijiro Sumii, from Japan.

    Apart from that, we have:
  • Three new AMVs in the download section. It seems Jin-Roh music videos are proliferating ever since the U.S. DVD came out. This isn't a bad thing, but I feel I have yet to see a Truly Great Jin-Roh AMV. There are plenty of good ones, but no masterpieces like Kevin Caldwell's Believe, Vlad G Pohnert's Memories Dance or Jay R. Locke's Odorikuruu. Yes, I know, I'm asking for the impossible. ^_^'
  • Two images created by William Pace from Chameleon Design. He used his l33t editing skillz to create a small squad of action figures from pics on the Kaiyodo website and a crowd of Panzer soldiers from this one.
  • Update of the theatres section, FAR too late to do any good. ~_~'
  • Added the font Olivia Brush to the download section; it's the one that I used to make the menu as well as the title at the top of each page.
  • 2002-mar-22 Colin Lavativa, a.k.a. Dj Astroboy, sent me a techno remix of "Grace Omega", the Jin-Roh end theme, so I added that MP3 to the download section. Added a few theatres for Columbus,OH and Pittsburgh,PA. Also repaired some links that I didn't realize I had broken in my frustration last week ^_^'   That allowed me to find some links that must have been dead for over a year (the batch downloads for the images and the nishio comics). I guess it didn't bother anyone since nobody e-mailed me about it...
    BTW, the website might be offline for a few days at the end of the month,due to lack of bandwidth. Just thought I'd mention it, in the unlikely event that someone visits this site regularly.
    2002-mar-14 AW SHIT! As soon as I get my website back online, some %*&$%"?% dipshit(s) manages to knock it out again. The same 3-MB file was downloaded ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TIMES from eleven different IPs. And I'm ready to bet there were only one or two assholes who caused most of that. That cost me about 750 MB of bandwidth which sent my website offline once again since the daily limit is 500 MB. But worse yet, it means I only have about 1 GB of bandwidth left with half of the month yet to go. That means I had to remove ALL files that were even remotely big. Oh sure they're hosted on another server, but it's so slow it's almost as if it weren't there. That really sucks for all the other users, but I have to choice. And once again, a big fat FUCK YOU to the motherfuckin cocksucker who did this.
    2002-mar-13 About a week ago I found out by pure random luck that Jin-Roh was being screened in Switzerland. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to announce this because my website got disabled, having gone over the daily bandwidth limit allowed by It seems the recent release of the Jin-Roh DVD has caused a significant increase in trafic. So I had to move the Grace Omega AMV and the promotional clip to another server, which sadly is very slow :-(
    Oh well, at least those screenings in Switzerland are still going on, and there will also be one little representation in France.
    I visited the new website of Production IG and I have to say it is very well made. It also gave me the occasion to find two new images. One of them is a scan of a booklet containing images from the live Panzer Cop movies. So I cut up that image in two to get images for each of those movies in the store section. The other image is a close-up of a Protect Gear mask used in those movies. I added it to the images section, the only update of that section in a very long time!
    2002-mar-02 Would you look at that... I paid a little visit to and behold! new theatres have been added! Three of those theatres still have screenings to come, so if you live in Toronto, Detroit or Houston you're in luck. Along with one in France, I've added them to the theatres section. I've also fixed a stupid bug I made when I posted the last wallpaper.
    2002-feb-23 Here's a couple of things that came in all at once. First, Mike Loh sent me a new wallpaper. Just a little too late to do any good, I found out there was a screening in Nashville. I didn't think there were still any in the US. Finally, Tim Brisko sent me word of an article he wrote about the Medicom 1/6th Scale Jin-Roh Model. Quite an interesting rumble.
    2002-jan-27 Sheesh! Looks like I haven't made an update in over a month. And I should have, because there's something important coming up for anime fans in London. That's right, Jin-Roh will be screened at SCI-FI-LONDON, the London Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival. Absolutely Not To Be Missed for those living in the area, and it's even the subtitled version, not the american dub.

    ( Talking about the dub, I went to see it a few weeks ago and I must say it is absolutely rock-solid. I have absolutely no complaint with it ; it's almost as good as the original Japanese version. Considering how difficult it is to convincingly pull off heavy drama like Jin-Roh, I don't think the voice actors could possibly have done better. Excellent job, guys! )

    Apart from this, I've added the upcoming Jin-Roh DVDs to the store section, both the regular and the secial edition. So why not show your appreciation of this site by buying your Jin-Roh DVD through here? ^_^ Either that or sign the guestbook! :-P

    2001-dec-23 I am extremely happy to report that Jin-Roh will be presented in Montreal. That's where I live, you know, so... WHOOHOO! At last I'll be able to judge for myself if the dub is good. Apart from that there's nothing spectacular to report. The screenings in Germany seem to be continuing but since I have no information on that side, it's difficult to be sure.
    Oh, I almost forgot... Merry Christmas to you all!
    2001-dec-15 Sorry for the total absense of update for the last three weeks, but I've been buried under schoolwork. As a result, I forgot to put back the files I removed from the download section last month. oops! That is now fixed. Theatres have been updated with 3 threatres this week, including one in Germany and including that "Fine Arts Theatres" in Kansas which was supposed to screen Jin-Roh over a month ago.
    2001-nov-24 I finally managed to find where Jin-Roh is presented in Winnipeg, since only seems to think that there exists a Winnipeg Film Center. Actually it's at the Winnipeg Cinematheque that Jin-Roh is being screened this week. Apart from that there are still theatres screening or who plan to screen Jin-Roh in Germany, but since I don't have access to this information I can't be certain of anything. I'd need the help of a few Germans! ^_^
    It seems I've almost hit the bandwidth limit for this month with my site, so I removed ALL THE VIDEOS from the download page. They'll be back at the beginning of next month.
    2001-nov-12 After Bertolt, a second fan from Germany, sent me word that Jin-Roh was screening in Berlin, I began suspecting something was afoot. After some digging, my suspicions were confirmed : according to German websites (thank God for translation tools!), this week Jin-Roh started a limited theatrical release in Germany. For the moment there are fifteen theatres scheduled to screen Jin-Roh, with five this week.
    In other news, Bandai has informed TRSI that they will no longer be producing a VHS version of Jinroh. Whatever... who was really gonna buy that anyway? Jin-Roh deserves nothing less than DVD quality.
    2001-nov-10 Sadly, there aren't any theatres of the week... in the US, that is. But Thomas from Germany sent me word of screenings in Berlin :-)
    2001-nov-03 Sorry I'm a little late with this update. I've only been able to confirm 2 of the supposed 4 theatres of the week. But I have some news... First of all, Production IG has recently announced the release of their Jin-Roh "popular" DVD. Also, according to Anime News Service, Jin-Roh might be in line for an Oscar!
    2001-oct-26 Removed one theatre (South Beach 18), added two (total is now 42), and updated the screening information for the 3 theatres of the week. And finally, a release date has been announced for the Jin-Roh DVD.
    2001-oct-20 Updated the screening information for the 2 theatres of the week.
    2001-oct-12 It seems there is only one theatre of the week.
    2001-oct-06 Updated the screening information for the 4 theatres of the week. Actually, there may be only 3 because I'm not sure if the theatre in Guam is really showing Jin-Roh this week. Can anyone confirm it? Added 4 new theatres for november and december (total is now 41). And it seems we finally have some news about the release of the Jin-Roh DVD.
    2001-sept-30 Oops, I'm a little late with this update. The theatrical schedule at has been updated a little while ago and there are big changes. Six theatres have been removed from their list... and six new ones have been added! But it seems I missed the Canadian premiere in Calgary. I updated the information for the 5 theatres of the week. There should be more but 4 of the theatres that are supposed to be playing this week don't seem to have Jin-Roh in their schedule. Can anyone confirm if South Beach 18 (Miami), Real Art Ways (Hartford), The Screen (Santa Fe) or Wallace Theatres Maui Mall Megaplex are screening Jin-Roh or not this week? On a minor note : since the updates are now announced on the main page, I removed "what's new" from the menu bar to replace it with an "archive" link just below the last updates.
    2001-sept-21 Updated the screening information for the 3 theatres of the week, including a new one in Honolulu (total is now 37).
    2001-sept-14 Only one theatre of the week. There was supposed to be two but the Pasadena theatre seems ot have postponed/cancelled.
    2001-sept-07 There doesn't seem to be any theatres playing Jin-Roh this week, but on the other hand I've got something mind-bendingly cool for you. Leon Tai informed me of the existence of a Protect Gear skin for Counterstrike. And believe me, that skin is amazing. If you don't play Counterstrike, it should give you plenty of reason to start. ^_^
    2001-aug-31 Added 2 theatres (total is now 36) and updated some information for the screenings, including the theatres of the week (august 31 to september 6). According to, the Cinefest Theatre (Atlanta) was screening Jin-Roh last week, but I failed to notice it since 1) originally it was planned to play on sept 7-21 and 2) I don't have a website for this theatre. Can anyone confirm this?
    2001-aug-23 A few minor corrections here and there, and no theatres this week (august 24 to 30), I'm afraid. :-(   But the Avalon cinema is damn cool!
    2001-aug-17 After an unforgiveable delay, I finally posted the Jin-Roh Desktop Theme that was sent to me three (!!!) weeks ago. Gomen nasai! ~_~  Also, added a short but cool fan-made 3D animation of a panzer walking at night. Fixed the mp3 link so you can now download Grace Omega, the movie's end theme. And updated the theatres of the week (august 17 to 23)... but there's only one this week :-(
    2001-aug-11 A small & quick update to bring you the 7 theatres of the week (august 10 to 16). The total number of theatres is now 34.
    2001-aug-07 Finally completed a long-delayed update for the US theatres screening Jin-Roh. Added a bunch of theatres that were announced weeks ago, as well as a few ones that weren't listed there. This brings the total number of theatres to 33, an impressive number considering this is such a difficult movie to market. From now on, I'll try to update the theatres more often in order to bring to you the screening times for the theatres of the week!
    Also, managed to "convince" to display all the theatres currently screening Jin-Roh in the U.S.
    2001-aug-03 Sorry it took so long to make an update. I've been wanting to make this update for weeks, but it's like the universe has been going out of its way to fill up my schedule. Anyway, there are now a bunch of music videos awaiting your attention in the Download section. ^_^
  • Fixed the broken Grace Omega music video.
  • Added a link to download the Are You There music video.
  • Added a link to download a music video made by arcticnightfall.
  • And last but not least, Jordan Peters agreed to let me host his Rotkappchen music video. So this is a World Wide Web premiere! ^_^
  • 2001-july-10 Today I'm going to Annapolis for a one-week robot submarine competition. I though I should get an update in before then. ;-)
    Theatres : It seems I was wrong and the screenings at Varsity Theatre were not extended. But at least it was replaced by Broadway Market Cinemas, also in Seattle. Added links to and also added some old screenings for the sake of completeness.
    2001-july-05 Huge thanks to Timothy Clark for finding a place to get the Panzer Cop live-action movies! Granted, it's pirated and it's in raw Japanese, but even that was nearly impossible to find.
    Also, added a French theatre screening Jin-Roh this week. In related news, the screenings at Varsity Theatre seem to have been extended and Broadway Market Cinemas in Seattle will be joining the list of theatres shortly.
    2001-june-23 After the Singapore TV screening of Jin-Roh, I received wallpapers from Ting and Kiat Wee. Arigato gozaimasu, minna! I took that opportunity to change the way the wallpapers are downloaded. Instead of downloading the zip file of a bitmap image (very inefficient), you can now just view the wallpaper in another window, right-click and "Set as Wallpaper". Also added a French theatre, but a few days too late. ~_~
    2001-june-14 Leon Tai has a link to my site so I'm returning the favor by adding his Jin-Roh website in the links section. Besides, his site may be new but it looks very promising! I also took that opportunity to clean up the links a bit.
    2001-june-13 Added a French theatre which is presenting Jin-Roh this week, as well as a link to in the links section. A site with an arrogant name, but it deserves it seeing how many files they have for download, including numerous screencaps from Jin-Roh.
    2001-june-09 Added news about a TV screening of Jin-Roh in Singapore. Thanks to Leon Tai for the hint! He also sent me a wallpaper which I added to the download section. And I realized that the "what's new" page is now 36 KB large. Since it's pretty useless to load a large page just to get the last update, I'll now keep the last update on the main page.
    2001-june-06 The official Jin-Roh website has just posted 6 new theatres, so I put them in the theatres section.
    2001-may-26 Added some information about the Kaiyodo models in the store section (even though I have no clue how/where to buy them).
    2001-may-25 Oh my God! I hadn't realized that I hadn't made an update for nearly two months! In the unlikely case that there were any people actually waiting for an update, I'm very sorry... GOMEN! Okay, so let's say that in celebration of the US theatrical release of Jin-Roh (today), I'll do a small update.
  • First of all, I repaired the download section (all the links had been broken for some time) and I added a wallpaper and a winlogo.
  • Added a small news blurb, rather useless I admit.
  • Cleaned out a bunch of broken links in the links section and added a link to the most important Official Jin-Roh website.
  • Added the dates for the screenings of the U.S. Theatrical Release in the eight initial theatres. According to the official site, additional dates & theatres will be forthcoming.
  • 2001-apr-02 At last! THE bit of news I was waiting for! The US release date for Jin-Roh was finally announced by Bandai.
    2001-mar-13 Changed the layout for the news section and added a small item (Jin-Roh's first TV broadcast in Japan). I wish I had more time to update the site but my school work has been eating all my time lately.
    2001-feb-22 Added a screening for february 26 in a French theatre.
    2001-feb-20 A Jin-Roh fan going by the name of Andy sent me a review and I also took that opportunity to remodel the page by adding the relevant parts of outside reviews instead of just the links to those reviews.
    2001-feb-17 AAAARGH! One full month without the slighest update! This is unforgiveable! Ok, I'll try to make up for it a little:
  • Renamed the "merchandise" section to "store" and added the Japanese DVD.
  • Added images and information for the French DVD and VHS to the store section.
  • Still in the store section, added information and places to buy online for the soundtrack and the art books Jin-Roh Behind of the Screen and Jin-Roh ManiaXX.
  • Added one screening in a French theatre.
  • 2001-jan-16 Screenings at the Broadway Cinematheque (Hong-Kong) have been extended to 2001-jan-17. I have a HUGE bunch of other updates on my "To Do" list, but I'm really busy right now so I don't know when I'll be able to finish them all. Please bear with me. ^_^'
    2001-jan-11 A bunch of new things to kick off the new year:
  • Redesign of the Download section (all the files are now on a whole new server). Also added Jin-Roh's Japanese trailer, a music video, and a MP3 of Grace Omega (end theme)
  • Replaced the "Truly Huge Nishio Page" of the Images section by a whole new section dedicated to Nishio's pictures. Instead of one page with all the pictures (12 MB), there is now a page for each week (the archive of all the images is still available). There are also seven new images that Nishio made in december because of the release of the Jin-Roh DVD in Japan. Lee even translated two of the older images and, hopefully, there will be more to come. :-)
  • Updated the Korean theatres and the Honk-Kong theatres for the Hong-Kong theatrical release of Jin-Roh.
  • 2000-dec-16 Updated the page containing all the images (2.6 MB) to match yesterday's update of the images.
    2000-dec-15 I received a few Jin-Roh pics lately so I finally got my act together and I'm putting them in the Images section along with some other pics that were collecting dust in my hard drive.
  • Four magazine covers ( 1, 2, 3, 4, I got the first three at Straydog's Roost )
  • The Korean poster ( sent by Lee )
  • Additional pictures of the Panzer figurines ( manga type and real type, sent some time ago by Marcus )
  • The front and back of a Jin-Roh fan (ok, pretty pointless, but so what?)
  • The cover of the Jin-Roh soundtrack (sent anonymously to my FTP, thank you whoever you are)
  • 2000-dec-08 The ever helpful Lee Jong-won (Higher's Korean Animation Theater) chimes in once again with 24 new Korean theatres for the release of Jin-Roh, as well as more information about the Jin-Roh ManiaXX book.
    2000-dec-04 Lee Jong-won is back with news from South Korea : the release of Jin-Roh over there has been pushed back a little, to december 9th, with seven theatres premiering the movie. (hehe... just couldn't resist posting his picture ^_^)
    Also fiddled with the layout of the main page.
    2000-dec-02 Added six japanese theatres (thanks to Lee Jong-won once again for translating), which brings their total number to 55.

    BTW, does anyone understand how japanese movie releases work? I mean, Jin-Roh started playing 6 months ago and ever since then, theatres have only played it for a few weeks (or days) at a time, so that there are only a few theatres ever playing Jin-Roh at the same time. NANDAYO!?!? And now there is even a theatre planning to show Jin-Roh for a few weeks in February, OVER 8 MONTHS AFTER THE RELEASE. I... just... don't... get it. o_O

    2000-dec-01 Thanks to Maxime Febvay from France, who informed me of a screening of Jin-Roh in Paris for a special Nippon Apocalypse night of cinema. And there's a bunch of new stuff waiting on my computer. It's coming, it's coming soon...
    2000-nov-24 Updated Japanese theatres somewhat. I known, it serves no purpose, but at least I'll be able to say "even back then, I had ALL the information" ^_^ I'll have a few new images soon. Be patient...
    2000-nov-04 I've just fixed the images on the Truly Huge Nishio Page. If you haven't seen his pictures yet, I strongly suggest you do. They're hilarious even if you can't read a word of Japanese! Details are on the images page.
    2000-nov-04 Now that I have the french DVD, I've finally been able to view Jin-Roh for the second time (the first time was more than a year ago!) With the movie fresh in my mind, I've refined and extended my review as well as removing the unforgiveable spoiler that had slipped in there. Gomenasai!

    BTW, the french dub is surprisingly good. I only hope the same thing will be said of the english dub when it comes out.

    2000-nov-01 Long time no update, heh? Things are pretty much dead for now, but here's a tidbit to keep you awake : Korean release of Jin-Roh.
    2000-oct-16 Added another screening for the Grand Pavois' in Paris and updated some theatres information.
    2000-oct-12 I've received a few e-mails from people asking me how or where to find various products related to Jin-Roh, and given the recent release of the French DVD, it was becoming self-evident to add this new section : Merchandise
    2000-oct-09 Added news : a theatrical release for Jin-Roh has finally been decided for the United States!
    2000-oct-06 Updated some theatres information, including the Grand Pavois in Paris and the date of the screening at the Sitges 2000 film festival.
    2000-oct-02 Added a Guestbook (since they seem to be rather trendy, plus I found a very customizable one). Please sign it! Also added a link to Jin-Roh barracks, a Jin-Roh fan site with some nice content. :-)
    2000-sept-29 Again, thanks to Lee Jong-won, added six japanese theaters, which brings their number to a total of 49 (most are not screening Jin-Roh anymore, though).
    2000-sept-27 Added the Grand Pavois' weekly screening of Jin-Roh (Paris).
    2000-sept-26 Updated the whole list of Japanese theatres (all 43 of 'em!) A long and pointless task, but it's for the sake of completeness. ^_^
    2000-sept-25 Added the New York Anime Film Festival to the theatres section.
    2000-sept-22 Finally finished the translation of an interview with Okiura which was originally in the French magazine AnimeLand (#56). This deals mostly with his work prior to Jin-Roh.
    2000-sept-20 Added the Sitges 2000 film festival to the theatres section. And added one screening in Paris.
    2000-sept-13 Added yet another Jin-Roh screening in Paris. For those who think there isn't much going on currently (raises hand), I'll soon translate an interview with Hiroyuki Okiura which was printed in the french magazine AnimeLand. (french interview here)
    2000-sept-06 Added three Japanese theatres (once again thanks to Lee Jong-won) and one screening at the Grand Pavois in Paris. And good news for the fans in Japan : Jin-Roh is coming out on DVD!
    2000-sept-01 I just got some very good news about the release of a VHS tape and a DVD of Jin-Roh in France.
    2000-aug-31 I finally got tired of waiting for i-drive to get back on track. So I looked for another service offering free space and found driveway. All the files from the Download section are now available here.
    2000-aug-30 Added some screenings for two French theatres in Rennes and Paris.
    2000-aug-29 Added nine Japanese theatres thanks to Lee Jong-won's translation.
    2000-aug-23 Added new screenings for three French theatres in Rennes, Nice and Paris.
    2000-aug-17 Added two Art galleries to the News. The Atomic Sushi gallery in Autralia and the gallery at Manga-no-Mori in Japan. Both will feature cels from Jin-Roh in addition to cels and artwork from other anime productions.
    2000-aug-16 Added news : Jin-Roh now seems to be available in video stores in France.
    2000-aug-15 Added (again) two screenings for the Grand Pavois in France. This is starting to get boring, no? I hope I'll get more interesting news soon.
    2000-aug-08 Added another two screenings for the Grand Pavois in France.
    2000-aug-07 Added news : Jin-Roh was on british TV yesterday.
    2000-aug-03 Two other screenings added to the Grand Pavois (France)
    2000-july-27 Added another screening at the Grand Pavois (France) and completed the film information page of the Japanese translated section thanks to the translations made by Lee Jong-won. (Sorry it took so long, Lee, I misplaced your translations a little ~_~)
    2000-july-19 Added nine Japanese theatres and one .
    2000-july-15 Added the 49th Melbourne International Film Festival and the Sydney Japanime Film Festival to the theatres section.
    2000-july-13 Added six pictures of a Jin-Roh Protect Gear 1/6-scale Soft Vinyl Modeling Kit. There are a lot of details on those figurines! Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Thanks to Marcus Wiedenhoeft and the KAIYODO website for the pictures.
    2000-july-12 Added French theatres currently screening Jin-Roh.
    2000-july-07 Fixed a few incorrect informations in Theatres and renamed the "Computer goodies" section to "Download".
    2000-july-06 Added an extremely good movie to the Goodies section. Huge thanks to Grégoire Moreau, who provided the file.
    2000-july-05 Added French theatres currently screening Jin-Roh.
    2000-june-29 Added a cool Jin-Roh movie (seems to be a Japanese trailer) to the Goodies section. Also added some French theatres currently screening Jin-Roh.
    2000-june-17 Lee Jong-won sent me some more translations so I could complete the main and the film information pages from Bandai, as well as make one with the list of theaters and replace those ugly Kanji images in the theatres section by some readable text.
    2000-june-16 A Great Gift has fallen from the Heavens! A Korean fan of Jin-Roh, Lee Jong-won, has volunteered to translate some Japanese pages for me. The result of his efforts can be seen in the all-new Japanese translated section, where his two pages from the Bandai Visual website join the report from the opening day at Shinjuku. The "sakuhin" page, especially, has some interesting biographical informations.
    2000-june-14 Found some nice pictures at Straydog's Roost, a Japanese page dedicated to Jin-Roh. It seems this guy went at Jin-Roh's premiere and got pictures (some of which I immediately snatched...) of the life-size protection gear, of some posters, of some people (Okiura signing an autograph... I WANT IT! ^_^), and of a guy posing in a Jin-Roh t-shirt (front, back). He also has an image of the "Jin-Roh behind of the screen" book's cover here. The page is mostly in Japanese but there's enough in english to understand what's in the book.
    Added 5 Japanese theatres. I'm not sure what's going on in Japan but it seems like Jin-Roh is only trickling into theatres. One of them even has its release set in October!
    2000-june-08 That Japanese article from yesterday got translated. It's here, at Production I.G.'s site, but the page has a few bugs. So I'll keep a debugged version here in the meantime.
    2000-june-07 Whoa! There are NINE new pictures from Nishio! They form a little comic strip about the Jin-Roh Japanese premiere on June 3rd: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Also, there's an article (in Japanese) at Production I.G.'s site, with some pictures of the event. (via Shodouka)
    2000-june-06 Added five Japanese theatres.
    2000-june-03 Got two pictures of Panzer Cop action figures from the toy syndicate website, and added them to the Images section. One is from the live-action movies and the other from the manga. 219$US each. Thanks to Stephen Kreyling for the tip.
    2000-june-03 Added 9 places to the theatres section; Jin-Roh will play in Chubu, Osaka, Osaka, Hokkaido, Osaka, Kyushu, Chubu, Tokyo and Tokyo (some places have more than one theatre). And it seems this Nishio pic (from not long ago) contains one the (weird) postcards that will be given as a bonus to those who go see Jin-Roh more than once. (source : a Production I.G. page)
    2000-may-31 Another Nishio pic. It doesn't seem as humoristic as usual, though.
    2000-may-27 Oops. Seems the japanese release date for Jin-Roh is June 3rd, not June 11th. Gomen!
    2000-may-24 Added a link to the Bandai Jin-Roh page (in Japanese). There's also a new Nishio pic and an article at Production I.G.'s site. I don't know what it's about but it has a small picture of Jibaku-chan happily pulling the string of her bomb. ~_^ (so I added it in the Images section)
    2000-may-21 Added a link to install japanese fonts on your computer. installation procedure
    2000-may-19 Added a page in which ALL the images are displayed. It's about 2 megabytes.
    2000-may-17 There are three new Nishio images! That's right, three: 1, 2, 3.
    2000-may-10 Yay! A new Nishio pic! What would we ever do without him? (but for some reason, the image is smaller this time) And at last, News : it looks like things are finally moving for Jin-Roh's Japanese release.
    2000-may-05 Added a new section : Interviews. There are interviews with Mamoru Oshii, Tetsuya Nishio and Hiroyuki Okiura which I found at Production I.G. and EX.
    2000-may-04 Added a link to Production I.G.'s Jin-Roh merchandise page ( via Shodouka ). It's rather costly and it's all in Japanese.
    2000-may-02 Fixed the broken links in the Goodies section. Since ZIP files are not allowed anymore on the GO network (!!!), the files got deleted. So I've put them on my i-drive instead.
    2000-apr-28 Found a new review at, a new anime review site. Rating : 9.2 out of 10. Not really surprising. ;-)
    2000-apr-27 New image by Nishio. Damn! I really wish I could read Japanese!
    2000-apr-26 Major look change! No new content was added but I made graphics to replace the old (and ugly) menu. And everything works with frames now.
    2000-apr-21 Upgraded an image (French poster) to a MUCH bigger version.
    2000-apr-14 Wow... is that Nishio guy productive or what? There are SIX new images from him (2000-apr-05 #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and 2000-apr-12). I also found FIVE new images at Production IG's site: the Japanese poster, the image used for the poster, a Jin-Roh t-shirt, the cover of the Jin-Roh special preview DVD and a Kerberos emblem. So I reorganized the Images section by adding a sub-section called Posters, merchandise and other items in which I put those five pictures as well as the images I already had of the French poster, the English (American?) poster and the armor suits used for the live-action movie.
    Hmmm... that poster sure seems to suggest that the movie is due out soon in Japanese theaters, no? If so, very goon news indeed! :-)
    2000-mar-31 Upgraded an image (French poster) to a bigger version. Added 4 new Nishio "weekly" pics. They're not so weekly anymore... but Nishio compensates with quantity! ^_^
    2000-mar-15 Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Been busy looking for a new server (cybercities is too unreliable) and getting the new URL on Anipike and Altavista. There are some new Images, including some Nishio weekly pics.
    2000-feb-19 Added six pictures to the Images section and optimised it to be more presentable with Internet Explorer.
    2000-feb-14 Added a link and a page for Tetsuya Nishio's weekly pics. It's in Images.
    2000-feb-07 Finished translation to french. Most of the pages also had minor updates. Some new images, links and reviews.
    2000-feb-02 Translated a good part of the site to french. It was a self-evident decision given the large number of french reviews of Jin-Roh on the Net. After all, the movie was first released in France.
    2000-jan-28 Added three festivals to the Screenings section.
    2000-jan-28 Added the NedStat counter and made some thumbnails in the Images section.
    2000-jan-27 Changed the structure of the site to allow a french version. Added 4 new links and 1 french review.
    2000-jan-24 Added links, both to the Links and to the Reviews sections. Also added some images and changed their layout.
    2000-jan-19 Changed the presentation a little. Added a Link column to the Screenings section.
    2000-jan-18 Dan42's Jin-Roh webpage is born (woohoo!)

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