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Here you will find the various news that I find and that come to me about Jin-Roh, like release dates, special events and such. Don't hesitate to contribute if you know anything which isn't here!

No VHS version of Jin-Roh

The Right Stuf International recently announced this on their website:

No Jinroh VHS?
Bandai has informed us that they will no longer be producing a VHS version of Jinroh. Instead, the company will be focusing on producing two DVDs : the Regular Jinroh DVD and a Special Edition DVD.

The special edition is expected to be packed with goodies including : Special Edition Slip Case Packaging, JinRoh Original CD Soundtrack, Interviews with Cast and Creators, 12 Page JinRoh Booklet, Japanese Theatrical Trailers, English Theatrical Trailers, and more!

If you had placed a pre-order for the Jinroh VHS with us, please contact customer service at 1-800-338-6827.

I can't say this is very surprising (or even disappointing). VHS is selling less and less, and anyway I think that Jin-Roh will mostly interest the hardcore fans, the kind of people who have already switched to DVD. Wise marketing decision by Bandai, if you ask me.
(source: The Right Stuf International )

Jin-Roh eligible for Animation Oscar!

First, Cinescape posted this:

There's a chance that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences first year of their Best Animated Feature Film category may have to wait until next year.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new category requires a minimum of eight cadidates for nominations before it is official enacted. At this point, there look to be only seven. The seven are: MONSTERS, INC., OSMOSIS JONES, FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN, WAKING LIFE, JIMMY NEUTRON, BOY GENIUS, SHREK and ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE. Any further potential candidates must have their papers filed with the Academy by 5 p.m. today, or the category will wait another year to be activated.

Which they followed up by:

In a follow-up to news yesterday regarding Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences new Animated Feature Film category being one film short of being enacted, word has it that a number of additional films might have just made the candidate deadline.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, six as yet unidentified animated feature films were tossed into the application ring just prior to yesterday's 5 p.m. deadline, giving the new category 13 films, five more than it was required.

While talking to the trade, Academy spokesperson John Pavlik addressed this new batch, saying, "It remains to be seen how many of these will qualify, but there's certainly a lot more room for maneuvering now."

However, one other film didn't make it through. The trade reports that Manga Entertainment's BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE was rejected because its running time was only 50 minutes long. The new category requires the features be at least 70 minutes in length.

Then, Anime News Service reported this on November 2:
Jin-Roh Makes Animation Oscar Review Cut
Jerry of Bandai Entertainment sends word that their co-release with Viz, Production I.G.'s Jin-Roh, written by Mamoru Oshii, has made the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences cutoff deadline alluded to in a previous article today so that the film can be considered for a Best Animated Feature Oscar. Jin-Roh is currently being reviewed by the Academy.

Wow... wouldn't that be something! Jin-Roh winning the Oscar instead of all those big Hollywood productions... won't happen, of course. The six animated features that were "tossed into the application ring" are just for show. The Academy would never seriously consider giving the Oscar to a movie that only made the art circuit, much less a foreign film. But still... it's nice to dream.
UPDATE: Jin-Roh ended up being disqualified on account that it had its first "wide" release just a little too long ago (France, November 1999)
(sources: Cinescape and Anime News Service )

Japanese Popular Edition DVD set for February 25th, 2002

On October 30, Production IG announced on their website the release of a "popular edition" of Jin-Roh on DVD. Here is an approximate translation of the information that I found here:

Popular edition JIN-ROH DVD
Sale date: February 25th, 2002
100 minutes / single sided 2 layer 1
Japanese sound: Dolby digital 2ch & Dolby digital 5.1ch
English sound: Dolby digital 5.1ch
Japanese subtitles & English subtitles
Price: 4,800¥ tax not included
Distributor: Bandai Visual
Extras: bande-annonce cinéma, TVCF

This is really funny. More than a year after the special DTS edition and just before the US release, Production IG is releasing this "popular edition" in Japan. At first glance, one might believe it's simply a low-budget release since it doesn't have the DTS sound (and the tons of extras) of the special edition, and since it has a much lower price tag (4,800¥ compared to 12,800¥ for the DTS edition). But this DVD also has english sound, english subtitles and a "TVCF" which the DTS edition did not have. What's a TVCF? Well, don't hold me to this, but I think it's a TV commercial.
(sources: Production IG )

U.S. DVD release of Jin-Roh set for March 5th, 2002

Bandai has recently updated their website with the release date of not one but TWO Jin-Roh DVDs! There will be a regular DVD priced at $29.98 and a special edition DVD priced at $59.98 which will include special extras. :-)

Title: Jin-Roh Special Edition
Volume: 1 of 1
Time: 142
Distributor: Viz Communications

Release Date: 2002-03-05
Pre Date: 0000-00-00
Dvd: $59.98

Description: From the creators of Ghost in the Shell and Akira...

Set in an alternate history of Japan, Constable Fuse is part of an elite Special Forces unit known as the Capital Police whose mission is to maintain peace during a time of civil unrest. Entangled within a web of intrigue and politics between the Capital Police, the government intelligence bureau, and a secret society known as Jin-Roh – the Wolf Brigade... Fuse's decisions will determine the ultimate fate of the Capital Police and those around him...

Special Edition includes: a Special Edition Slip Case Packaging, Jin-Roh Original CD Soundtrack, Japanese DTS, Japanese and English Dolby Digital 5.1, English subtitles, Interviews with Cast and Creators, 12 Page Jin-Roh Booklet, Japanese Theatrical Trailers, English Theatrical Trailers, and supposedly more.

Heh, that's a pretty good synopsis as far as back-of-cover synopses go. This special edition seems very similar to the DTS edition they got in Japan. Of course there's the DTS sound, but there's also the extra 44 minutes (Jin-Roh is a 98 minute movie) that seem to match the extra disc in the Japanese edition as well as the extras on the French DVD. In the Japanese edition there was a 16-page "Kerberos Genealogy" booklet and in this one there's a 12-page booklet. Only the Screenboard Book (522-page paperback) of the Japanese edition seems to have been replaced here by the soundtrack.
(sources: Bandai Entertainment and Anime News Network )

A timeframe for the U.S. DVD release of Jin-Roh

I'm not quite sure if this fits more in "news" or in "rumors", but according to AnswerMan of Anime News Network, Bandai has at least an approximate release date for the R1 DVD of Jin-Roh. These are the questions he was asked:

1) Are the 8 volumes of Ghost In The Shell Available in some kind of value pack?

2) Is Jin-Roh coming to DVD? If so what is its release date?

Dark Horse released a nicely bound Ghost in the Shell graphic novel a while ago. You can find it in any bookstore for a mere 24.95. Jin-Roh will be out on DVD in the US next spring.

So where did he get that information? Who knows... but it's the only hint we have for now.
(source: Anime News Network )

Jin-Roh to air in Singapore

Arts Central - a TV channel in Singapore - will air Jin-Roh on June 13 at 10:00pm. This is part of a special manga madness month which also includes Spriggan, Yu Yu Hakusho and Ghost in the Shell.

Combining traditional line-animation with state-of-the-art techniques, Jin-Roh looks simply spectacular, complete with an intriguing plot from the moment it kicks it. It has won numerous awards, including The Jury's Special Award and the Fantasporto Fantasia '99 award for the best anime in The 19th Oporto International Film Festival.
(source: Leon Tai )

A new round of TV broadcasts for Jin-Roh in Japan

This is of very limited (well... non-existent) interest outside of Japan (and I doubt there are any Japanese visitors coming to this page, let alone for this kind of information). But since I have the information, it doesn't cost anything to put it here.

In April Jin-Roh was available on pay-per-view, but this time it is broadcast the usual way on WOWOW and also on digital WOWOW.

Broadcast day and time:
June 2nd 2001 (saturday) 20:00 - HDTV broadcast (compatible with analog format)
June 17th 2001 (sunday) 6:00 - HDTV broadcast (compatible with analog format)
June 27th 2001 (wednesday) 13:55 - WOWOW digital broadcast (only incompatible with analog format)
July 13th 2001 (friday) 25:00 - WOWOW digital broadcast (only incompatible with analog format)
July 30th 2001 (monday) 29:45 - HDTV broadcast (compatible with analog format)

If one is subscribed to the digital service of WOWOW, all broadcasts can be viewed. Analog viewers will be limited to the analog broadcasts on HDTV broadcast days.

(source: Production IG )

Jin-Roh U.S. Theatrical Release re-set for May 25

According their website, the Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach (California) will host the U.S. Theatrical premiere of Jin-Roh during their 2nd Annual Japanese Animation Festival. See the theatres section for details about screenings.

Friday, May 25, 2001
Jin-Roh U.S. Theatrical Premiere

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Is Still a Wolf

In his directorial debut, Hiroyuki Okiura brings to life Mamoru Oshii's haunting tale about a web of political intrigue surrounding governmental control over a new paramilitary anti-terrorist unit. Special Guests Mamoru Oshii (author of Jin-Roh; director of Ghost in the Shell), Hiroyuki Okiura (director of Jin-Roh; character designer of Ghost in the Shell); and Mitsushisa Ishikawa (president of Production I.G.)

(source: Carpenter Performing Arts Center )

Jin-Roh U.S. Thetrical Release set for May 28

This was originally announced at the Fanime convention in Santa Clara, California:

Jin-roh will premiere on the 28th of May in Long Beach. Mamoru Oshii will be attending (and potentially many anime-fan celebrities such as James Cameron). Full rollout will begin at the end of June in New York and Seattle. This will be a limited release initially; if it does well it may be expanded. Viz will be handling the theatrical release while Bandai does the home release. For more info and release information visit

(source: Anime on DVD )

Jin-Roh U.S. rights acquired

Whoohoo! At last! This is what I call very VERY good news:

Bandai Entertainment and Viz Entertainment announced plans at Anime Weekend Atlanta (Oct 6-8) to co-release the feature film "Jin-roh" theatrically in the United States in 2001.

(source: Jonathan Harmon and Anime News Network )

South Korean VHS and DVD release of Jin-Roh
The release is set for spring 2001 but the exact date is not known.

I've met a staff of Ilshin Pictures, distributor of JINROH in Korea. And I got some information on a JINROH special edition. It'll be composed of one VHS tape, 2 booklet, 2 poster, 1 reel of film.

The VHS tape contains a movie, Korean and Japanese trailers, and a "making of" video which comes from the Japanese DVD.

The first booklet contains a brief introduction of two live action movies (Red Spectacles and Kerberos) and two comic editions (Kerberos Panzer Cops and Kerberos the complete), image sketches and official arts, and interviews of Oshii and Okiura.

The second one is a fairy tale book - The red riding hood - which is the very image of the book from the movie.

The posters are the Korean poster and an original illustration by Director Okiura himself.

And the most unique item of this edition is a reel of film. This film is cut from an original 35mm film which was used in the Korean theatrical screenings.

It will be on sale between April and May (2001) in Korea. An exact release date for the DVD edition is not confirmed yet.

(source: Lee Jong-won )

Jin-Roh's first TV broadcast in Japan
On April 14th and 29th 2001, Jin-Roh will be broadcasted 5 times (from 10:00 to 20:00) on the WOWOW digital pay-per-view channel at a cost of 400¥. (source: Production IG )

Jin-Roh Hong-Kong Theatrical Release set for January 4
To see the list of theatres, you can go to the theatres section or to this Hong-Kong website.
(source: Space Adventure Cobra )

Date What happened
2000 dec 21 This japanese page from the Production I.G. website informs us that the release of Jin-Roh on DVD is scheduled for december 21 in Japan. Hmmm... a bit tight for Christmas shopping! ^.^ The DVD will have DTS sound (better than Dolby Digital 5.1, or so I'm told... see here) and will be priced at ¥12,800. (US$120... ouch!)
2000 dec 2
2000 dec 9
I am once again indebted to Lee Jong-Won from South Korea who informed me that Jin-Roh will be released theatrically over there. Details can be found here... if you can read Korean ;-) I've put up the list of theatres Lee sent me in the theatres section (where else?).

The release date has been pushed back one week, from december 2nd to 9th. Apparently, the reason is that NINJA SCROLL, the first anime ever released in Korea (which would make JIN-ROH the second ^_^), didn't prove to be much of a box-office success. On a side note, the wonderful Miyazaki movie NAUSICAA will be the third anime ever screened in Korea, beginning on december 30th.

The last theatres stopped screening Jin-Roh on December 29, with a box-office of only 50,000. I have the feeling that Jin-Roh is simply too "artistic" to become a big commercial hit. Very sad...
(source: Lee Jong-won)

2000 oct 4 Big thanks to Patrice Postic from France who e-mailed me about an ad in AnimeLand. It advertised the release of Jin-Roh in VHS and DVD formats for october 4, by "éditions filmOffice" (?). The DVD will contain many extras: interview with the director & scriptwriter, making of, french & japanese trailers, posters, original pictures of characters & art, soundtrack samples & interview with Mizoguchi (composer).
2000 aug 16 Thanks to Tibo from France who informed me that Jin-Roh was available at his local video store La boîte à films in Caen. So I assume (perhaps wrongfully...) that the movie is available everywhere in France. The only thing left is to know if one can buy it also.
UPDATE: It's confirmed, Jin-Roh is available in all video stores of France, but only the french dub version.
2000 aug 14 to 26 As part of the release of Blood the Last Vampire, a gallery containing cels of Jin-Roh (among others) has been organized at the Manga-no-Mori in Shinjuku (Tokyo).
2000 aug 11 to oct 14 Another event for the anime fans in Autralia, the Atomic Sushi exhibition features cels and artwork from a number of animes made by Production IG (and others), including Jin-Roh. When I mailed them to get more information, I got this answer:
We will be exhibiting 20 original cel setups with hand painted backgounds (b/gs are spectacular) from Jin-Roh, plus storyboard & script volumes. There's a book called JIN-ROH - Behind Of The Screen. I have to check if its for sale & for how much, but we have a few copies.
Read the whole media release on the Atomic Sushi website.
2000 aug 6 At 23:15, in England, BBC Choice presented the worldwide television premiere of Jin-Roh. It was part of a Japan TV themed evening. It seems a bit soon to present Jin-Roh on television but I'm sure no one in England is complaining! For some reason, BBC described the movie as a "violent, action packed adventure". One can wonder if these people are sane or if they even watched Jin-Roh!
Oh! If you happened to record the movie, I'm very open to any proposal. ^_^
2000 aug 4 to 6 Otakon is a well-known anime convention held each year in Baltimore (Maryland, USA). As guests this year, they have Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (founder of Production I.G. and producer for Jin-Roh) and Hiroyuki Okiura (director for Jin-Roh, but you should already know that ^_^)
CORRECTION : Okiura-san couldn't come to the convention.
2000 june 16 to 18 Anime North is a relatively new anime convention held in Toronto (Ontario, Canada). They've managed to get Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (founder of Production I.G. and producer for Jin-Roh) as guest.
2000 june 3 Production I.G. has finally confirmed the official Japanese release date for Jin-Roh. It will be on June 3rd. We learn here, here, but especially HERE that Jin-Roh will start playing on June 3rd, at the Shinjuku theatre, at 11:00/13:00/15:00/17:00/19:00. The lucky ones to go there will be able to meet Hiroyuki Okiura (director), Mamoru Oshii (script), Hajime Mizoguchi (music), as well as the voice actors for Kazuki Fuse and Kei Amamiya. A sneak preview seems to be announced for May 28th on Bandai's site. But since it's in Japanese AND NO ONE VOLUNTEERED TO TRANSLATE YET, I can't really be sure it's about a sneak preview. ~_~
2000 may 10 What's happening with me? This is almost TWO WEEKS OLD! I just discovered this japanese page where there seems to be some information on a Japanese release for Jin-Roh. Ok, so I can't read Japanese, but it seems to me that some of the links on that page lead to theatre schedules for major cities. And the URL sure seems to suggest that Bandai will distribute the movie under the Emotion label. Hey! You! Yes, you the one who can read Japanese. Go there and then TELL ME what's the scoop all about. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?
2000 feb 19 Jin-Roh was at the Yubari International Film Festival in Japan. See Theatres.
2000 jan 26 to 31 Jin-Roh was at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. See Theatres.
2000 jan 18 Jin-Roh won the "Best Animation Movie" award at the 54th Mainichi Movie Contest. Here's an image (193KB) of the japanese Mainichi newspaper article (with Nishio's doodles). Did the newspaper give the award or only reported it?
1999 nov 17 Release of Jin-Roh across 25 theatres in France. Before Japan !?!

Last page update: 2001-11-12
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