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22-jan-2003 Just a quick update to mention a screening of Jin-Roh in France, accompanied with screenings of Metropolis, Perfect Blue and Ghost in the Shell.
2003-jan-18 Bleh... it's been a stunning 5 months since the last update :-( . It's a wonder this site still receives any visitors. But I thought it would be nice to update the site to celebrate its 3-year anniversary! That's right, I started this Jin-Roh website a whole 3 years ago! It seems so far away now... I wish I could have a bunch of new stuff to show for this long absence, but mostly it's just some reorganizing. Gotta face it, Jin-Roh is starting to become old news. ;_;
  • Jin-Roh screened in Australia but I was too slow to post the news when it mattered (sorry Mark ~_~)
  • The number of AMVs on the download page grew to a point where I figured it would be better to put them in separate AMV section. This new section includes a new AMV by Jordan Peters, In the Company of Wolves. Actually, I've been hosting it for some time but I still hadn't added it to the list of AMVs...
  • I've created a new fan stuff section which currently contains 4 fanarts that used to be in the images section and one fan-music that was in the download section. And there's also one brand-new fan music in there. Hopefully, this will encourage people to send me their fanarts and other fan-works. IF YOU HAVE A JIN-ROH FANART, I WILL BE HAPPY TO HOST IT.
  • There's an update to the article concerning the Lost Lyrics of Jin-Roh; someone has been kind enough to send me a transliteration of the "lyrics" of Grace Omega.
  • It's kinda late to announce this "update", but - for those who hadn't noticed - some months ago I replaced the old Pathfinder guestbook by my own guestbook script which fits better with the layout of the site.
  • There's a cool Jin-Roh website that I would've liked to share with you, except it went offline only a few months after being made. Four Singaporean students made this website as a part of their course on Japan postwar film and anime. They focused on Jin-Roh and this resulted in some fascinating in-depth articles and analyses about the movie. Are you reading this, Vincent? Your e-mail address at doesn't work anymore so I WANT TO HEAR BACK FROM YOU! In the meantime, those excellent articles are only available in a way fragmented way through the google cache.
  • 2002-aug-20 Has it already been three weeks since the last update? Well, maintaining the ANN Encyclopedia is keeping me pretty busy lately. And I can only have updates if I get/find new stuff. I've received a very cool picture by Ryan Phillips. He took images of Fuse, with and without his helmet, and enhanced them with Adobe Illustrator. Fuse looks so damn dangerous now! That's the 4th fanart I've received... now all I need is a fanfic, and I can start a fanart/fanfic section! ^_^
    Last time I visited, I missed a few pictures that were taken at Otakon 2002. So there are two new images of a Jin-Roh cosplayer, one in the hall and one during the masquerade.
    Also, fixed the incorrect screening date for the BAAF (August 30th, not July). Now I have to update my Millennium Actress website in preparation for its screening at the BAAF, so forget about Jin-Roh updates for a while! Millennium Actress is my new obssession. That movie is so damn GOOD!
    2002-july-31 Added a screening in France and a photo of a Panzer costume I missed the last time I visited A Fan's View.
    2002-july-29 Added some screenings at the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre in New York. Oh, and last update I said I had no idea if Millennium Actress was really screening at the Big Apple Anime Fest. Well it turns out that on Wednesday July 31st, there's an "Exclusive Sneak Preview Surprise Movie" at 7:45pm. Who wants to bet it's Millennium Actress, heh? ^_^


    Jin-Roh, The Wolf Brigade could perhaps be described as a... "politico-military love tragedy thriller". Produced by the renowned studio Production I.G., with a script by Mamoru Oshii, this is an extremely strong debut for young director Hiroyuki Okiura, who honed his skills on animes like Akira and Ghost in the Shell. We follow the story of Kazuki Fuse (pronounced fu-say), a cop-soldier of the Capital Police's (CAPO) special Panzer unit. After failing to stop a terrorist girl from blowing herself up along with a sizeable part of underground Tokyo, he meets the girl's sister and a strange relationship starts to grow between the two. As they become pawns of a conspiracy aiming to eliminate the Panzers, Fuse has difficulty in coming to terms with his role in the young terrorist's death and his training as a killer.

    Jin-Roh boasts a very dense plot, possibly requiring a second viewing to understand more than the bare minimum. But that bare minimum IS sufficient  you can enjoy the movie even if you're not the type to look for hidden meanings. Jin-Roh is also a very genre-breaking anime  this kind of heavy, brooding story really tends to make you think. One could say that it has the moral questionning of Ghost in the Shell, the political machinations of Patlabor 2 (the movie) and an atmosphere somewhat akin to those two but not quite identical. At any rate, it's easy to recognize the signature of Mamoru Oshii! It's impossible to accurately describe Jin-Roh without giving everything away but I can tell you that I discovered in there an intriguing story which reached a shatteringly powerful emotional climax. The magnificently explored theme of "the beast within the human heart" also makes this a beautiful movie to watch on a philosophical / psychological / poetic level.

    It was at the Fantasia '99 festival, in Montreal, that I had the chance to see Jin-Roh for the first time. Heavily impressed by the movie (as well as the lack of information about it on the web), I've tried my best to collect here what info I could find. Jin-Roh was completed in late '98 and its Japanese release was pushed back time and again while it went at various festivals. Finally, the movie was released in France on November 17th 1999. BEFORE Japan... that's a first! Japan finally got its release on June 3rd 2000, South Korea on December 9th 2000 and Hong-Kong on January 4th 2001. Then it was the turn of the United States on May 25th 2001, followed by Germany on November 8th 2001.

    Last page update: 2003-01-18
    Any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome. So don't hesitate to tell me what you think of this site.
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