'Ghost in the Shell' has been regarded as a symbol of "Japanimation". 'Jin-roh' is a masterpiece which is made by the same creators. It tells a sad romance in the parallel history of Japan created by Mamoru Oshii. When a little riding hood falls in love with a wolf, what will happen?

Hiroyuki Okiura (director), well-known animator in 'Mobile Police Patlabor 2' and 'Ghost in the shell', is one of the next generation of creators recommended by Mamoru Oshii. For realistic visuals, he has stuck to celluloid animation, which is now old-fashioned thanks to digital animation. The animation is well depicted by manual celluloid animation. This film was at the 49th Berlin International film festival, and was theatricaly released in France in 1999. Now, the theatrical release in Japan is determined.

Japan had been defeated utterly. A dozen years after, the army of occupation gone, Japan tried to develop its ecomomy and to reincarnate as an international country. The policy of development had increased out-of-work men, criminals and slums. 'Shudoken Chian Keibi Keisatsu Kiku'(Capital Police Department) aka Shutokei(CAPO) was established because of protesters who armed themselves. CAPO, as an important part of the police, are armed with 'Protect Gear' and 'machine guns'. The elite force, nicknamed 'Kerberos', had been wiping out guerillas. But their role was fading out on account of the development of economy. History sentenced them to termination. The film starts with 'Fuse', a soldier of CAPO when he met a guerilla girl...

Original works / Script : Mamoru Oshii
Director : Hiroyuki Okiura
Performance director : Kenji Kamiyama
Original Character Design : Hiroyuki Okiura
Character Design / Animation Director : Tetsuya Nisio
Animation vice-director : Toshiyuki Inoue
Art director : Hiromasa Ogura
Art degign : Takasi Watanabe
Gun design : Katsuchika Kise
Car design : Sadahumi Hiramatsu
Color coordinator : Yumiko Katayama
Photography director : Hisao Shirai
Film editor : Shuichi Kakesu
Music : Hajime Mijoguchi
Sound director : Kajuhiro Wakabayashi
Animation production : Production IG
Producer : Atsusi Sukita, Hidekaju Teragawa
Executive producer : Shigeru Watanabe, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
Distributer : BANDAI VISUAL, ING

Kajuzi Fuse : Yosikaju Fujiki
Kei Amamiya : Sumi Mutoh
Atsuhi Henmi (Fuse's friend) : Hiroyuki Kinoshita
Bunmei Murota (Chief of CAPO Inteligence section) : Yukio Hiroda
Hajime Handa (CAPO officer) : Yukihiro Yoshida
Shiro Tatsumi : Ryuichi Horibe
Nanami Agawa (First red riding hood) : Eri Sendai
Isao Aniya (CAPO officer) : Kenji Nakagawa
CAPO Officer : Tamio Ohki
Hachiro Tobe (Fuse's instructor) / Narrator : Yoshisada Sakaguchi

Original works / Script : Mamoru Oshii
He was born on August 8th 1951 in Tokyo.
He had worked for Tatsunoko Pro and Studio Pierrot and now is a freelancer. His major works are Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer(1984), Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie(1989), (1995) and so on. His talents vary from animation, live-action movie, novel-writting, manga story writting, to games. He wrote the script of "Jin-roh" which is based on the manga Kenro Densetsu (literally: 'Legend of dogs and wolves') aka 'Hellhound : Kerberos Panzer Cops. In recent years, he has been directing a live-action movie, AVALON. He loves dogs.

Director / Original Character Design : Hiroyuki Okiura
He was born on Octover 13th 1966 in Osaka.
He worked for Anime-R and now is a freelancer. The films for which he worked are 'AKIRA(1988)', 'Run! Mellos(1992)', 'Mobile Police Patlabor 2 the Movie(1993)' 'Memories(1995)' and so on. He was a character designer and animation director in 'Ghost in the shell(1995)' and is specially important in Oshii's recent works. He makes his debut as a director of 'Jin-roh' because Oshii admitted his talent. Eventually, Oshii commented "This film is well-made beyond the idea of its original creator", and it is held in high regard in various film festivals.

Music : Hajime Mijoguchi
He was born on April 23rd 1960 in Tokyo.
He is a cellist and composer. Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts, he made his debut composing the album 'Half Inch Dessert(1986)'. He works for commercials, sound producing, motion-picture and pop-singers. The theme music of 'Sekaino Shamadokara' (literally: 'From the car window of world') is one of his famous works. Recently he has been composing for pop singer Huyuko Mita and working for the soap drama 'Beautiful life'.

Yoshikaju Fujiki as Kazuki Fuse
He was born on January 20th 1964 in Toyama.
He is an actor. Because of his height of 190cm, he acted as regular role in "Kamen Riders(Mask Rider) - Black RX". He also appeared in action movies and V-cinema on account of his gun-firing experience. Director Mamoru Oshii made him the hero of the live action movie "Straydogs - Kerberos Panzer Cops", which has the same concept as "Jin-roh". But he was selected once more in a public audition unconnected to his previous role. What a coincidence!

Sumi Muto as Kei Amamiya
She was born on May 18th in Tokyo.
She is an actress. She belonged to teather troupe Wakakusa from 1982 to 1992. Graduated from Waseda University, she had acted in "Tokiwachono Seishun(Spring time in Tokiwa mantion)"(1996) and other movies. She also works for commercials, soap dramas and narration. Recently, as a voice actress she worked for "Serial Experiment Lain"(TV Tokyo) as Chisa Yomoda.