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Fan art

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832x624, 280 KB William Pace
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Fan music

Colin Lavativa, a.k.a. Dj Astroboy, was so inspired by Grace Omega that he decided to make a techno remix of the song on his "Better Living Through Anime" vol. 3. I can't say that it's my style of music, but I think it's really great to express your appreciation of Jin-Roh in such a creative way. And even though it's not my style, I can't help but tap my feet to the rythm...

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Jin-Roh was on German TV on December 21st 2002. In the wake of this event, the visits to this website tripled, I got a bunch of signatures in my guestbook, and a bunch of emails. Among those emails, a guy called Eddy informed me that he was remixing Grace Omega. His remix is very different from DJ Astroboy's. Where Astroboy kept essentially the same melody with added drums & percussions, I initially had difficulty recognizing Grace Omega in Eddy's remix. The remix incorporates some of the more memorable dialogue from both the Japanese and German versions of the anime. Even if you don't speak either language, it's easy to recognize which scenes were used.

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