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No web site would ever be complete without a Links section. So here it is. A few of those links can also be found elsewhere on the site. Do you have a link for me? Submit it and it will be added shortly.

Note: Since some pages are in Japanese, you might need a Japanese font to view them. Or you could use Shodouka, a nice service which "translates" Japanese symbols for the browsers which can't display them.

Jin-Roh links
The official website for the US release of Jin-Roh is a great site with a LOT of stuff to keep you busy. is a website which holds tons of images, music files and movies to download. Among other things, they have about a hundred images of Jin-Roh (most of them screencaps), but don't waste time with the movies: they're the same as I have, with the same quality, but they added their logo at the beginning and the files are bigger.

Kerberos Panzer Cop The Wolf Brigade Kerberos Panzer Cop - The Wolf Brigade is a fan site run by Leon Tai. It may be brand-new (as of 2001-jun-14) but there is already a lot of information about models/action figures, with other stuff to come soon I'm sure. And besides, the webmaster is very friendly! ;-)

  • On ToyboxDX, Tim Brisko has written a very nice article about the Medicom 1/6th scale Jin-Roh figure.
  • Visit the Official English Website of Production IG or go directly to their Jin-Roh page. I'll also suggest the Jin-Roh page on the old english site because there's more information in it. Don't miss their funny Jin-Roh Staff Dictionary.
  • C.A.P.O. Headquarters : a website dedicated to Jin-Roh, like this one. Hasn't been updated in a very long time, though. ;_;
  • KAEL's Coverage of the UCLA Anime Festival includes some thoughts on the Jin-Roh screening.
  • Look up Jin-Roh at IMDb : the Internet Movie Database has some info, of course.
  • Vote for Jin-Roh at Excelsis Anime Ratings!
  • Hellhounds: Panzer Cops is the title of the manga released by Darkhorse Comics. has one review on it.

    Other languages
  • Production IG's japanese website is very rich in information, and so is their japanese Jin-Roh page.
  • Visit the french half of this site for more links.
  • Japanese page made by Straydog. It's too bad that I can't read it because there seems to be a lot of interesting material here.

    Links to anime in general

    Anipike The Anime Turnpike : The biggest anime links site. "If you're not on the 'pike, your anime site does not exist."

    EX EX: The Online World of Anime & Manga. I highly recommend this excellent online anime magazine. Browse the back issues, they're worth it. They also have two articles on Jin-Roh: a report on the UCLA screening and a feature on Anime Films 2000.

    the animé café The Laws of Anime at the animé café : If you're familiar with anime, this will get a few laughs out of you.

    Mr. TWhat does Mr. T have to do with anime? Not only is he the Strongest Man in Anime, but he did battle against The Slayers and against Escaflowne as well. A' pity the foo' who mess with the T 'cause Mr. T is helluva tough!

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