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Information Sites

www.millenniumactress.com, a promotional website put up by Digital Manga

www.millenniumactress-themovie.com, the official site for the US release of Millennium Actress by Dreamworks.

Animated-Movies.com's information page about Millennium Actress


A review, from someone who seems to have as much trouble as me expressing the true beauty of this film.

A short but professional review, from reellifereview.com

A French review + interview with Satoshi Kon from Voir, a Montreal cultural newspaper

A English review + interview with Satoshi Kon from Hour, another Montreal cultural newspaper

Review of anime from the Sitges 2001 festival : Metropolis and Millennium Actress

Anime News Network Report from the World Premiere at Fantasia 2001

As Lucid as it is Awesome, an akadot.com article with an interview with Sadayuki Murai, the film's scriptwriter

Moriarty's short review at aint-it-cool-news.com

Fantasia 2001 report #4 at videocrypt.com, including mini-review about MA

Samiko's impression of MA, another one who was impressed at Fantasia 2001

Don's semi-negative comment about MA, because the guy expected another Perfect Blue.


Millennium Actress page from PIFF 2001, including a streaming clip from the movie. Low-quality but oh so nostalgic for those in love with this movie.

Sennen Joyu receives the Grand Prize at the 5th Media Arts Festival organized by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs

Millennium Actress page from Fantasia 2001

Millennium Actress page from the Big Apple Anime Fest

In Japanese

You can try to translate those pages with Babelfish by clicking on the . But unfortunately, translation technology being what it is, you'll be lucky if you can get even a glimmer of understanding of what the site is about.

Kon's Tone , Satoshi Kon's personal website, and the part about Millennium Actress

Official Sennen Joyu Japanese Page

Search google for Japanese pages about 千年女優 (Sennen Joyu = Millennium Actress)

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