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I use the Monotype Corsiva font throughout this site to make it a little more pretty without bloating it with graphics. If you have the font installed, those two "Monotype Corsiva" above will look alike. If the one on the left looks a little jagged compared to the one on the right, it's because you don't have anti-aliasing turned on. With Windows 2000 (and most other versions of Windows I imagine), you can turn this on by right-clicking on your desktop, going into "Properties", selecting the "Effects" tab and turning on "Smooth edges of screen fonts" under "Visual effects".
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2-Minute Preview
Originally found on this page as an ASF streaming format, these 2 minutes and 9 seconds of footage from the movie are interesting but don't have a very good quality. The image has color artifacts that build up between I-frames and a too high compression ratio. The audio has a metallic sound (caused by to much compression) and the volume is unequal. Saved as an ASF file, I was surprised to see such a short time and bad quality come out at 27 MB. But saved as an AVI file, it turned out to be only 3 MB! Now, this isn't even a re-encode of the video! It's the same data, simply saved in another format! I don't know what caused the ASF file to be so inflated, but here's the AVI file. Don't be fooled by the counter into thinking this is at 1:05:51 in the movie; that clip is only in the first 10 minutes.

Japanese Trailer
You can find the Japanese trailer on the official Japanese website of Millennium Actress. Unfortunately, I found it a little disappointing. Most of the trailer's time is spent in flashing text at the viewer (Won first animation prize and artistic innovation prize at Fantasia Film Festival! Won Orient Express award at Sitges Film Festival! Licensed by Dreamworks!) What about showing us what the movie is about? That trailer even leads one to think that Millennium Actress is a sci-fi film. Jheez...

End Theme: Rotation [lotus-2]
I originally got the end theme from this page (on the official Japanese website) but it's only a streaming QuickTime format. Much better to have it on you hard disk, no? I don't know what kind of kick-ass encoding the QuickTime format uses, but it's four times smaller than the equivalent MP3. I had to encode that MP3 at 192 kbps in order to preserve the techno-like high harmonics in the song. And even then it's only a re-encode of the original file, so it can't have the same quality. Amazing. If you're a Mac user I suggest you get the QT file. So here's the file in its original QuickTime format (789 KB) and here it is in MP3 format (3 MB).

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