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Around the summer of 2001, I was "recruited" into the staff of Anime News Network. Originally I was supposed to maintain an anime encyclopedia with all kinds of words in it. As it turned out, what I do is mostly write php scripts. A lot of my work you won't be able to see since it's behind-the-scenes administration stuff. Still, almost every script on the website has been written (or re-written) by me, starting with the review script which went online November 2001 (previously the reviews were hardcoded in html).

But my biggest achievement at ANN is without a doubt the Encyclopedia. I was a bit more ambitious than what the original encyclopedia concept called for. Instead of writing notes about any kind of word related to anime, I found myself building a huge database of anime titles, staff, cast, etc. On July 30th 2002 (just before Anime Expo), we finally opened the Encyclopedia to the public. Anyone can now register and contribute data so hopefully that should help the Encyclopedia to accumulate a lot of information. And I'm not finished, there's still a ton of stuff left on my ToDo list, but it's going to take some serious work. There's some very cool (but top secret) stuff coming up...

I've been maintaining a Jin-Roh website since January 2000. I'm very proud of it; over the years it has grown to quite a considerable size. If you're a Jin-Roh fan, this is the ultimate ressource for you! It's one of the very few Jin-Roh websites on the net, and I like to believe that this is in part because (according to the theory of the early dominant website) I did a good enough job of it so nobody else really felt the need to do the same.

Ah, Satoshi Kon... the prodigal �ber-genius of anime... I hope to eventually have websites for all of his brilliant creations.

Perfect Blue was Satoshi Kon's directorial debut. One of these days I'm going to make a website for it, because that movie just rocks. It was also my introduction to anime.

I've started a website for Millennium Actress, Satoshi Kon's newest movie (a.k.a. Sennen Joyu). It appears to be the only Millennium Actress website right now, apart from Satoshi Kon's own website (in Japanese). Unfortunately it isn't as complete as I'd like it to be because I don't have enough time to put on it. :-(

Tokyo Godfathers is the story of three homeless people who ran away from their families and whose lives are changed when they accidentally discover an abandoned baby. I'll try to make a website for this as soon as I have the time. In the meantime, here's the official Japanese website.

Like most other anime fans, I seek the company of my brethren. So I "hang" at the forums of Akemi's AnimeWorld, an excellent anime review website. Actually, I've been hanging there long enough that Makosuke (the webmaster) made me administrator ;-)

Also, a lot of people posted their pictures in different threads of those forums, and I've regrouped them in a nice little Photo Album

Dan42's Other Stuff

Even as a kid, I was fascinated by the Trantorian concept of a city-building. I would make wild plans for a gigantic multi-story city that would cover the surface of the Earth and which would in turn be covered by lush vegetation, making the whole planet into a vast park. Much later, I learned that a man named Paolo Soleri had coinded a word (back in the 70s) for this kind of structure : the Arcology. The word means "architectural ecology", which is a way of viewing the urban environment as a true "ecosystem" within which human beings live. The theory of arcology posits that our ecosystem, the city, must evolve into a more three-dimensional structure in order to be more adapted to human activities and relationships. This concept goes far beyond the mere flash of a science-fiction scenario : by balancing the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the city, the arcology offers many advantages over the sprawling cities we have now. Along with other people that feel the same way, I participate in an Arcology Discussion Group. I have also compiled a list of arcology-related links.

I used to belong to a now defunct mailing list called the "fansub ethics mailing list". While we were discussing the recent bad trend of people distributing fansubs for money (anathema!), one of the members wrote a very informative analysis on how much distributing VHS fansubs really costs. I have edited this message into a webpage : The True Cost of Fansubs. However, I have to admit the whole thing is kinda moot today, since VHS fansubs have been completely replaced by digisubs.

The goal of the Kill Everyone Project is to virtually kill the whole population of Earth, one person (click) at a time. It's a really stupid game, but for some reason it's fun. Plus, you can accumulate nice stats and boast about them. :-)
"Genocide has never been this easy! Or featured a chat."

There's this really REALLY stupid little game called "Vampires!" which, for some reason, I like to play. It's a text-only game where you wander around, suck blood from people, and acquire powers. The one good thing about the game is that you only have 48 actions points per day, so the most you can waste is 10 minutes. If you'd like to play, I can turn you into a vampire.

My Personal Theme Song

Sometimes, you just come across a song that feels like it was meant specifically for you. It's the feeling I got when I listened to "Ostie qu'y s'l�ve tard" by Marc D�ry (French song). if you listen to the overall message, this song describes me perfectly. My roommate agrees.


Quelquefois, il arrive que tu trouve une chanson qui semble avoir �t� �crite sp�cifiquement pour toi. C'est l'impression que j'ai eue quand j'ai �cout� "Ostie qu'y s'l�ve tard" de Marc D�ry. Dans le message d'ensemble, cette chanson me d�crit parfaitement. Mon coloc est d'accord.



He used to be a roadie
For a Rolling Stones' show
He sings all the songs of Prince
He's got the same voice, the same tone
But damn he gets up late
Damn he gets up late

When summer comes
He rides around in an old car
All the girls love him
And his collection of old guitars
But damn he gets up late
Damn he gets up late

He's cool, he's tall, he's nice
and intelligent
He could have been a doctor,
A lawyer, an influential man
But damn he gets up late
Damn he gets up late

Although he told me that this time
He'd be on time
I'm still waiting for him, I've had 15 coffees
It's 3 o'clock
Damn he gets up late
Damn he gets up late


Il a d�j� �t� roadie
Pour un show des Rolling Stones
Y chante toutes les tounes de Prince
Il a la m�me voix, le m�me ton
Mais ostie qu�y se l�ve tard
Ostie qu�y se l�ve tard

Quand l��t� arrive
Il se prom�ne en vieux char
Toutes les filles trippent sur lui
Pis sur sa collection de vieilles guitares
Mais ostie qu�y se l�ve tard
Ostie qu�y se l�ve tard

Y�est cool, y�est grand, y�est fin
et intelligent
Y�aurait pu faire un m�decin,
Un avocat, un homme influant
Mais ostie qu�y se l�ve tard
Ostie qu�y se l�ve tard

Y m�avait pourtant dit que cette fois-l�
y serait � l�heure
Je l�attends encore, �a fait 15 caf�s
Y�est 3 heures
Ostie qu�y se l�ve tard
Ostie qu�y se l�ve tard

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